Order Issue Resolution

Order Issue Resolution - FAQs

  1. My order arrived but I have an issue! What do I do?

    We're sorry to hear you have an issue! For any questions or concerns regarding damaged/missing items, delayed packages, or food quality issues, please reach out to our Customer Service team directly. We are more than happy to resolve your issue ASAP.

    • Via email 24/7 (preferred option): Email cs@katzsdelicatessen.com with your order # and a brief description of your issue. Pictures help to resolve food quality issues!
    • Via phone (9AM - 5 PM ET): call us at 212.254.2246 and select Shipping when prompted.

    Please note that during the peak holiday season, email response times may be delayed but we try to reply to everyone within 1 business day.

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  2. My package is late! What do I do?

    We're sorry to hear your package is late! Please refer to the following guide and pick the situation that best applies to your situation. 


    • On scheduled delivery day: We cannot guarantee an exact delivery time of day. If you selected RUSH shipping, your package should arrive by 3 PM, otherwise it may arrive as late as 9PM. The UPS MyChoice package tracking feature can help to track your package when it's out for delivery. 


    • One day late: Please stay patient! Sometimes our shipping partners have slight delays but our boxes are packed with extra ice and an insulated liner to keep things fresh. Please inspect your box when it arrives - if ice is completely melted and refrigerated items are not cool to the touch, then please contact us at cs@katzsdelicatessen.com for a resolution. 


    • Over one day late: Yikes! This doesn't happen often. Please contact us at cs@katzsdelicatessen.com for a resolution. 
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  3. Can I change (or cancel) my order once it's placed?

    Yes, you can adjust your order up to 3 days before your package is scheduled to arrive at it's destination. This includes order adjustments, delivery date & address changes, and cancellations. 


    Please email our Customer Service team at CS@katzsdelicatessen.com with your request. Note that we do not keep your credit card information on-file, so if you are adding to your order we will need to take payment again via phone. If you cancel your order, please allow 3-10 business days for the credit to appear on your statement. 


    If it is within 3 days of arrival your order cannot be adjusted because your package may already be in transit, and deli items are already allocated to your order! You can still email us with a request to adjust or cancel and we will try our best, but we cannot guarantee any changes. 

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