So how do you ship a sandwich, anyway?

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The short answer: Very carefully!

The longer answer: After much trial & error, we've found the best possible way to ship our individually packaged sandwich ingredients to recreate an authentic Katz's sandwich at home.

  • Meats: hand-carved, then immediately vacuum sealed & flash frozen to preserve maximum flavor, juiciness, and best texture.
  • Deli Rye Bread: baked daily & packaged by the half-loaf.
  • Condiments: small-batch 8 oz jars of the exact same recipes we use in-store.
  • Pickles: brined & jarred in-house, to arrive with maximum freshness.

Recreating a Katz's sandwich is as simple as reheating the hand-carved meats and assembling at home! See our cooking instructions for greater detail.