Private Soirée

Bringing Katz's Deli to your

home event! Let our professional

meat carvers create an unforgettable

experience for your guests. Elevate

your gathering with the authentic

taste of Katz's signature meats,

expertly sliced right in your home.

Reserve our carving station today.

Min: 100pp

Carver(s): 1

Food Truck

Introducing the Katz's Deli Food

Truck where the legendary flavors

of Katz's meet the convenience

of a mobile kitchen! Step up to

our iconic truck and savor the

authentic taste of Katz's signature

pastrami sandwiches, juicy

corned beef, and more.

Min: 150pp

Carver(s): 2+

Private Events

Experience the quintessential

Katz's Deli Private Event, where we

bring the timeless essence of

Katz's straight to you! Picture this:

our skilled sandwich cutters

expertly slicing through succulent

pastrami and corned beef, just like

at our iconic deli counter.

Min: 150pp

Carver(s): 2+


Embark on a culinary journey

through the heart of New York

City with our exclusive Katz's

Deli Wedding Experience.

Katz's cutters meticulously craft

iconic pastrami and corned beef

sandwiches, delivering an

an authentic taste of NYC to

your special day. 

Min: 100pp

Carver(s): 1+

Corporate Lunch


Immerse your office in the

quintessential flavors of New

York City with our exclusive

Katz's Deli Corporate Lunch

Experience! Elevate your

lunch break as our skilled Katz's

cutters bring the iconic taste of

Katz's straight to your workplace.

Min: 75pp

Carver(s): 2+

Carving Pop-Up


Indulge in the rich heritage of

Katz's Deli as our expert cutters

brings the iconic flavors of New

York straight to your shopping

experience. Picture the hustle and

the bustle of the city streets as you

savor freshly carved pastrami and

corned beef sandwiches, expertly

crafted right before your eyes.

Min: 75pp

Carver(s): 1+

We've been carving up our legendary pastrami and corned beef for decades, and our signature platters, packages & carving stations are a surefire way to bring a true taste of New York to your party.

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