Noodle Kugel

Noodle Kugel

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Our Sweet-to-the-taste Noodle Pudding (Kugel) is a delicious blend of rich egg noodles, mandarin orange, pineapple, and topped with a hint of Cinnamon. The Great-Grandmothers of Katz's battled it out for the tastiest, most intoxicating Noodle Pudding; this is the recipe that won out!!! We are delighted and honored to share it with you!

Never tried it before? Think of our Kugel as a form of..Jewish Meatless Lasagna!

Kugel is priced by the pound.

We're confident you'll be frugal when it comes to devouring our Kugel! Prepare for a real taste treat that you'll savior to your very last chomp!

Here's our directions for for preparing the Kugel (AKA Noodle Pudding ) of your Dreams!

Traditional Oven:

1. Place the Kugel in it's frozen state on a flat surface/tray and allow to completely defrost (thaw).
2. Once completely defrosted, heat oven to 325° and place Kugel in it's aluminum tray onto a flat baking sheet onto center rack of oven;
3. Heat for 30-minutes (remove cover for last 10 minutes of heating for a crispy top) 
4. Remove from oven; grab fork and knife (by their respective handles..) and Dig IN!

Microwave Oven (if you must..):

CAUTION: REMOVE KUGEL FROM TIN! (tin is very picky about it's environment):

1. Place defrosted Kugel on a microwave-safe plate.
2. Set on High for 8 minutes
3. Go set your table, grab a refreshing, sparkling beverage, then remove Kugel from microwave.

¡Voila! A hot, tasty traditional Kugel brimming with sweet delicious flavor. Whichever way you heat it, you're likely to Kvell when you eat it!