Frequently Asked Questions

  1. So how do you ship a sandwich, anyway?

    The short answer: Very carefully!

    The longer answer: After much trial & error, we've found the best possible way to ship our individually packaged sandwich ingredients to recreate an authentic Katz's sandwich at home.

    • Meats: hand-carved, then immediately vacuum sealed & flash frozen to preserve maximum flavor, juiciness, and best texture.
    • Deli Rye Bread: baked daily & packaged by the half-loaf.
    • Condiments: small-batch 8 oz jars of the exact same recipes we use in-store.
    • Pickles: brined & jarred in-house, to arrive with maximum freshness.

    Recreating a Katz's sandwich is as simple as reheating the hand-carved meats and assembling at home! See our cooking instructions for greater detail.


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  2. How do I know when my order has shipped?
    When your order ships, you will automatically receive an email from our Customer Service team (cs@katzsdelicatessen.com). This email usually is sent around 6 PM ET, when packages are scanned by UPS. This email will contain tracking information that will update as your package is in-transit to its destination.
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  3. What packaging materials do you use?

    We have developed a custom-made heavy cardboard box with an insulated liner that will keep food fresh & safe for 48+ hours in transit. All boxes are clearly marked PERISHABLE and display our signature storefront logo.

    To keep food cool, we include frozen gel packs that are food safe, nontoxic, and fully recyclable.

    We also always include reheating instructions for easy preparation at home!

    Please note we do not ship with any styrofoam or dry ice, as those items are not environmentally friendly and/or can be dangerous to handle.


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  4. How do I select a Delivery Date at checkout?

    Our Checkout page allows you to select a Delivery Date for your package to arrive. The Delivery Date selection depends on the destination of your package, and will not appear until the full address is entered in the prior section (especially ZIP code).

    Before address is entered, the Delivery Date section will be blank:

    Once the delivery address is completed, the Delivery Date section will refresh to display the Delivery options (for example):

    Then make your selection, and proceed with checkout! 



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