Katz Shipping FAQ's


Q. So how do you ship a sandwich, anyway?

A. The short answer: Very carefully!

The long answer: After much trial and error, we've developed a method to seal our hand-carved meats to lock in the flavor & juices, and quickly freeze to preserve freshness.  Separately, we include all the sandwich ingredients we use in-store (deli rye bread, mustard, etc) for you to assemble a Katz's sandwich at home!

All our meats can be reheated in minutes by submerging the pack in hot water - just follow the instructions included in each package. 

Q. Where do you ship?

A. We ship anywhere in the US & Canada, including Hawaii and Alaska. All US locations are eligible for free two-day shipping. Please note we cannot ship to PO boxes.

Q. Can I still send a salami to my boy (or girl) in the army?

A. Yes you can! We still ship our hard salami to brave servicemen & women worldwide. Please give us a call at 212.254.2246 and make sure you have the APO address of the person you'd like to ship to.

Q. How do I select a Delivery Date at checkout?

A.  Our Checkout page allows you to select a Delivery Date for your package to arrive. The Delivery Date selection depends on the destination of your package, and will not appear until the full address is entered in the prior section (especially ZIP code).

Before the address is entered, the Delivery Date section will be blank:

Once the delivery address is completed, the Delivery Date section will refresh to display the Delivery options (for example):

Then make your selection, and proceed with checkout!

Q. Can I sell Katz's products?

A. No - all of Katz's shipped products are intended for home consumption only. They may not be resold to 3rd parties.


Q. How long will your products stay fresh after shipping?
A. The short answer: It depends on what you received!

The longer answer:

  • Sliced meats - up to 3 months if kept frozen, and 1 week refrigerated.
  • Soups - up to 3 months if kept frozen, and 1 week refrigerated.
  • Knishes - 7-10 days refrigerated. We do not recommend freezing.
  • Full sour pickles - up to 3 weeks refrigerated.
  • Half sour pickles - about 1 week refrigerated. Half sours will continue pickling in the jar and will naturally lose crispiness.
  • Rye bread bagels - up to 5-7 days refrigerated. Our rye bagels are not like "supermarket brands" and are baked fresh, so they have a shorter shelf life.

    For a complete list of our products' shelf lives, please see our At Home Instructions page.

Q. Are you Kosher?

A. No, we are not Kosher.


Q. Where do you get your pastrami and corned beef? Can I find them in-store? 

A. We cure, smoke, and prepare our own pastrami and corned beef in-house, using recipes and techniques that have been handed down for generations! We work with a select few beef purveyors to source the finest quality brisket and navel to use in our deli meats. 

For this reason, all Katz's meats are only served in-house at Katz's Delicatessen, and are available for home delivery via our Nationwide Shipping program. 


Q. My order arrived but I have an issue! What do I do?

A. We're sorry to hear you have an issue! For any questions or concerns regarding damaged/missing items, delayed packages, or food quality issues, please reach out to our Customer Service team directly. We are more than happy to resolve your issue ASAP.

  • Via email 24/7 (preferred option): Email cs@katzsdelicatessen.com with your order # and a brief description of your issue. Pictures help to resolve food quality issues!
  • Via phone (9AM - 5 PM ET): call us at 212.254.2246 and select Shipping when prompted.

Please note that during the peak holiday season, email response times may be delayed but we try to reply to everyone within 1 business day.

Q. Can I change (or cancel) my order once it's placed?

A. Yes, you can adjust your order up to 3 days before your package is scheduled to arrive at it's destination. This includes order adjustments, delivery date address changes, and cancellations.

Please email our Customer Service team at CS@katzsdelicatessen.com with your request. Note that we do not keep your credit card information on file, so if you are adding to your order we will need to take payment again via phone. If you cancel your order, please allow 3-10 business days for the credit to appear on your statement.

If it is within 3 days of arrival your order cannot be adjusted because your package may already be in transit, and deli items are already allocated to your order! You can still email us with a request to adjust or cancel and we will try our best, but we cannot guarantee any changes.

Q. My package is late! What do I do?

A. We're sorry to hear your package is late!


  • If you received an email with tracking information, this means the package has left our warehouse and the best way to monitor the status is on the UPS or Fedex website. 
  • If you have NOT received an email with tracking information, please email our customer service team at CS@katzsdelicatessen.com for the most up-to-date information.

*Please note that we cannot resolve delivery issues that are brought to our attention more than 60 days after a package was shipped*




Q. How do I know when my order has shipped?
A. When your order ships, you will automatically receive an email from our Customer Service team (cs@katzsdelicatessen.com). This email usually is sent around 6 PM ET, when packages are scanned by UPS.

This email will contain tracking information that will update as your package is in-transit to its destination.


Q. What packaging materials do you use?
A. We have developed a custom-made heavy cardboard box with an insulated liner that will keep food fresh safe for 48+ hours in transit. All boxes are clearly marked PERISHABLE and display our signature storefront logo.


Q. How much does it cost to ship a package?
A. Any order over $100 qualifies for FREE nationwide shipping if you select our Standard Delivery option! This the most common shipping option chosen by our customers.