Sliced Lean Pastrami by the Pound

Sliced Lean Pastrami by the Pound

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Here's the tastiest Pastrami you can buy, a cornerstone of Katz's meat offerings and a memorable excursion into deli sandwich luxury. Our incredibly tender, tasty-delicious pastrami doesn't get this way by chance, here's our rigorous process yielding world-class results:


1) First we pickle the meat for 3 weeks in our "secret brine solution".
2) We then spice up the outside of the meat (this is called "The Rub"..)
3) The meat is then smoked for 3 days
4) followed by boiling in our kitchen for 3 hours.
5) We then steam it behind our main counter
6) The pastrami is then carved by hand by seasoned, hard-working professionals.


So you see, this is no Ordinary Pastrami. Leave the ketchup home, no help needed here! In the words of our highly-skilled, knife-wielding meat cutters, "Who's Next?!"

  • Pastrami is by nature, a fatty cut of meat. If you would prefer a leaner cut of pastrami order the Lean Sliced Pastrami option.

  • You can assume between 2-3 sandwiches per pound.