Brisket - Sliced by the Pound

Brisket - Sliced by the Pound

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Cut from the finest cattle and slow-cooked to udder perfection, our hot, moist, tasty Brisket will melt in your mouth and set you on a course to eat every last bite on your plate! Roasting in a rich, delicious gravy for hours on end ensures a mouth-watering meal dripping with flavorful Chutzpah! Try it "deliciously as-is" or on 2 slices of  our fresh rye bread with Russian dressing...either way it will make your day!

Our sliced brisket is shipped by the pound. it is hand-carved and immediately sealed to preserve juiciness and taste! Therefore it is best served HOT, just as it was when carved: 

Easy Reheating Instructions

  1. Defrost meat overnight in refrigerator.  DO NOT REMOVE FROM PLASTIC PACKAGING.
  2. Boil water in a saucepan or pot large enough to submerge entire meat package.
  3. Submerge entire package in boiling water. Reduce stovetop to low heat, and cover pot for ~5 mins.
  4. Carefully remove package from hot water after 5 mins. Please use tongs or other cooking utensil (WILL BE VERY HOT!)
  5. Slice open package and transfer meat to a serving plate. It is now ready to enjoy.