Pastrami - Whole

Pastrami - Whole

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***Please note that our Whole Pastrami requires ADDITIONAL cooking time***

 Here's the tastiest Pastrami you can buy, a cornerstone of Katz's meat offerings and a memorable excursion into deli sandwich luxury. Our incredibly tender, tasty-delicious pastrami doesn't get this way by chance, here's our rigorous process yielding world-class results:

1) First we pickle the meat for 3 weeks in our "secret brine solution".
2) We then spice up the outside of the meat (this is called "The Rub").
3) The meat is then smoked for 3 days...
4) Followed by boiling in our kitchen for 3 hours.
5) We then steam it behind our main counter
6) The pastrami is then carved by hand by seasoned, hard-working professionals. So you see, this is no Ordinary Pastrami.

Leave the ketchup home, no help needed here! In the words of our highly-skilled, knife-wielding meat cutters, "Who's Next?!"


Katz’s only recommends whole pastrami for those who want to partake in the full Katz's carving experience, as it is a delicate process! 


Whole pastrami is a naturally fatty piece of meat (specifically, the navel cut). It is normal for the excess fat to be trimmed in the carving process - this is what our carving staff specialize in. Every piece must expertly handled to produce the juiciest, most tender cuts for a Katz's sandwich. 



1. Place in a large pot of boiling water.

2. Boil the pastrami for 3 hours, or until tender. (Use a fork to test for tenderness) Be sure to watch the water level so that the water does not evaporate too much. The pastrami should be submerged in water at all times. 

3. When tender, remove from water and heat, and trim any excess fat, particularly from the tip. We do not recommend trimming too much. 

4. For best results, slice against the grain for maximum flavor and softness, and angle the blade to produce the widest slices.