Katz's Seasonal Subscription

Katz's Seasonal Subscription

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Katz's Subscription Service is the ultimate gift for the deli lover in your family!

How it WorksEach monthly package contains a full meal for 4-6 and is themed for the season - from July Griller Package to the January Soup Combo. Subscriptions are available in 3-month increments, with the Full Year subscription providing the best value!

Subscribers will receive their package on the second Thursday of each month. To request an alternate date, simply contact our Customer Service team at cs@katzsdelicatessen.com . 

See descriptions below for full details of each package!

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Here's a look at the upcoming packages:

June Pastrami Package

Kick off your subscription by getting Dad what he really wants for Father's Day - a whole lot of pastrami! This package includes a pound of sliced juicy pastrami for easy heat & serve, as well as a whole 4+ lb piece to cook at home! Dad will feel like he's behind our counters as he carves up the full pastrami slice by slice, just like our cutters do in our store. This package includes:
• 1 Medium Whole Pastrami (approximately 4.1-4.7lbs) • 1 Pound of Deli Mustard
• 1 Pound of Sliced Juicy Pastrami • 1 Quart of New Pickles
• 1 Full Loaf of Rye Bread • 1 Katz's Deli T-shirt 

July Griller Package

In July, get ready to fire up the grill and celebrate America's birthday with our custom griller package! We've included everything you'd find on our own grills at Katz's, from our all-beef frankfurters, knockwurst & garlic rings, to classic square potato knishes. With over 40 individual hot dogs& knockwurst in this package, you'll be grilling all month! This package will include:

• 2 Knoblewurst/Garlic Rings
• 1 Katz's Deli Mustard Bottle
• 2 packs of Frankfurters (6 per pack)
1 pound Deli Mustard
• 2 packs of Knockwurst (4 per pack)
• 4 Square Knishes
2 packs of Frankfurter Rolls (12 per pack) • 1 pound Sauerkraut
 1 Katz's Deli Classic Hat - Black

August Beach Package

Venture into the great outdoors with our August package, designed specifically for meals away from home! Our soft salami and sliced tongue are the perfect cold cuts for a picnic lunch, with our crispy new & full sour pickles on the side. Pack everything up in a limited-edition Katz's tote bag, pop on your new snapback hat, and you'll be ready for an epic lunch wherever your journey takes you. This package includes:
• 1 Small Soft Salami
• 1 Quart of Full Sour Pickles
• 1 Quart of New Pickles
• 1 Pound of Sliced Tongue
• 1 Half-Loaf of Rye Bread
• 1 Pound of Deli Mustard
• 2 Packages of mini Black & White cookies • 1 Katz's Deli Snapback Hat
• 1 Katz's Deli Tote Bag  

September High Holidays Package

Celebrate the High Holidays with a traditional Rosh Hashanah dinner in September! Your bubbe will be proud to see our brisket & gravy on the table alongside our crispy mini latkes and housemade matzoh ball soup and noodle kugel. Ess gezunt!  This package includes:

• 2 Pounds of Sliced Brisket
• 1 Pound of Gravy
• 1 Noodle Kugel
• 2 packs of Mini Latkes ( 8 per pack)
• 1 Quart of Matzoh Ball Soup
• 1 Chocolate Babka
 • 1 Katz's Deli Apron

October Halloween Package

October is time to take a walk on the wild side and enjoy some spooky delicacies! It takes some guts to make our kishka (stuffed derma) and chopped liver, but even the faint of heart will enjoy our version of these Jewish classics! We’ve tossed in some of our legendary pastrami and pigs in a blanket for the more conservative eaters in your family, and some limited-edition salami socks. This package includes: 

• 1 Pound of Sliced Tongue
• 1 Pound of Sliced Juicy Pastrami
• 1 Half-Loaf of Rye Bread
• Pigs in a Blanket
• 1 Pound of Kishka & Gravy
• 1 Pound of Reuben Dressing
 • Half-Pound of Deli Mustard • 1 Pound of Chopped Liver
• 1 Pair of Katz's x Stance Send A Salami Socks  

November Thanksgiving Package

Our Thanksgiving package provides all the homemade tastes you love, without all the hours of cooking & stress! Katz’s hand-sliced turkey breast reheats juicy and moist – enjoy with our homemade gravy, or with Reuben dressing, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese as an ultimate Turkey Rueben! This package includes:

• 2 Pounds of Sliced Turkey • 1 Pound of Gravy
• 1 Half-Loaf of Rye Bread • 1 Pound of Deli Mustard
• 1 Pound of Reuben Dressing • 2 Noodle Kugels
• 1 Pound of Sauerkraut  • 4 Round Potato Knishes
• 1 Katz's Deli Apron

December Holiday Package 

‘Tis the season for celebration, and our December package is packed with the flavors you love. Enjoy a quart of both our pickles (tangy full sour and crispy new pickles), along with a pound each of our legendary pastrami and brisket. Plus, our gefilte fish can only be enjoyed as part of these seasonal packages! This package includes:

• 1 Pound of Sliced Brisket • 1 Half-Pound of Gravy
• 1 Pound of Sliced Juicy Pastrami • 2 Packs of Mini Latkes (8 per pack)
• 1 Pound of Gefilte Fish • 1 Quart of Full Sour Pickles
 • 1 Quart of New Pickles • 1 Katz's Deli Snapback Hat

January Warmer Package

It may be bone-chillingly cold outside, but our January package is guaranteed to keep you warm & comfy during the dead of winter! We’ve packed in 2 quarts of each of our soups – matzoh ball, chicken noodle, and split pea – to enjoy on all those cold winter nights. Our storefront sweatshirt is also a great look out on the slopes, or just in front of the fireplace with a good book. This package includes:

• 2 Quarts of Matzoh Ball Soup • 2 Quarts of Chicken Noodle Soup
• 2 Quarts of Split Pea Soup • 1 Pack of Frankfurters (pack of 6)
• 4 Square Knishes • 1 Katz's Deli Sweatshirt

February Best of the Wurst Package

As everyone knows, the shortest path to a man’s heart is through his stomach! So in February, we’re sending a salami – and knockwurst, knoblewurst & frankfurters – to your boy in the army (or just in your living room)! Our Send-a-Salami socks by Stance are a one-of-a-kind way to rep your Katz’s love. This package includes:

• 1 Pack of Frankfurters (pack of 6) • 1 Knoblewurst/Garlic Ring
• 1 Knockwurst • 1 Small Soft Salami
• 1 Small Hard Salami • 2 Dozen Frankfurter Rolls
• 1 Pound of Deli Mustard • 1 Pound of Sauerkraut
• 1 Pair of Katz's x Stance Send A Salami Socks • 1 Katz's Deli Classic Hat

March St. Paddy’s Day Package

While Katz’s may not have much of an Irish background, we sure do love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Our hand-sliced corned beef is the perfect centerpiece for a traditional Irish dinner, or dress it up into ultimate Reuben sandwiches for your family & friends. This package includes:

• 2 Pounds of Sliced Corned Beef • 1 Half-Loaf of Rye Bread
• 1 Quart of Full Sour Pickles • 1 Quart of New Pickles
• Half a Pound of Deli Mustard • Half a Pound of Reuben Dressing
• 1 Pound of Sliced Swiss Cheese • 1 Pound of Sauerkraut
• 2 Potato Round Knishes • 1 Katz's Deli Tshirt

April Brunch Package

The weather is warming up and it's time to celebrate the arrival of spring! This April enjoy all the fixings for a proper Lower East Side brunch including bagels, bialy's, cream cheese, lox, and of course some babka and rugelach. We'll send the food - you get the mimosa's! This package includes:

• Half a Dozen Plain Bagels • Half a Dozen Everything Bagels
• 1 Dozen Bialy's • 1 Pound of Cream Cheese
•  1 Pound of  Nova Lox • 1 Small Hard Salami
• 1 Pack of Mini Latkes (8 per pack)  • 1 Chocolate Babka
• 1 Pack of Cinnamon Rugelach • 1 Katz's Deli Coffee Mug

May Mother’s Day Sweets Package

In May we celebrate Mother's Day but really everyone will love this package full of our best sweets. Our rich babkas and rugelach's are perfect for sharing - bring them to your first picnic of the year and bring in summer on a sweet note. This package includes:

• 1 Chocolate Babka • 1 Cinnamon Babka
• 1 Pack of Chocolate Rugelach • 1 Pack of Cinnamon Rugelach
•  1 Small Cheesecake • 1 Pack of Mini Black & White Cookies 
• 1 Katz's Deli Pink Nightshirt  • 1 Katz's Deli Chocolate Egg Cream Scented Candle